We are currently looking for cooperation with investors who are ready to support implementation of our new technology.

Hydraulic outrigger (stabilizer leg) of our patent is dedicated for any kind of construction, mining and lifting machinery that’s requires stable support to the ground at any stage of its operations.

Present designs requires two separate hydraulic actuators for each outrigger -first one to open support leg to operating position and second one to erect the machine. Hydraulic outrigger (stabilizer leg) as per our design uses single hydraulic cylinder for both opening and erecting operations. Thanks to that we are able to reduce unit price , simplify hydraulic system and machine body. Outrigger can be made in various sizes to suit the machine

Our product can become, a standard OEM component for each construction and mining machine that requires support to the ground at the operation. existing designs used are integral part of the machine body which complicates manufacturing process. Thanks to use single hydraulic cylinder only, our patented design not only reduces cost of single component but gives massive impact to complete design and manufacturing process of the entire machine. At this moment machine body is fabricated such a way to create guides for traditionally designed outriggers. Our design requires only base plate to bolt fully assembled support leg unit to the frame thank to that, shortens assembly time and simplifies service which can be done by simple replacement of faulty unit. It also allows to outsource complete manufacturing process of the outrigger.

– compact design
– unit cost reduction
– simplifying of control
– simplifying of the machine design
– simplifying of manufacturing process of the machine
– shorting of assembly time
– simplifying of service
– ability to outsource complete outrigger manufacturing
– different sizes to suit the machine