Modular Housing System

We are currently looking for cooperation with investors who are ready to support implementation of our new technology.

Our genuine patented technology allows to construct basic and complicated shapes of buildings using a few standard prefabricated sections called „C’” and „E” along with the adaptors. Complete structure of the building comes with thermal insulation along with the facade, contains ducts for cable, pipes and ventilation, even the roof surface is prepared for installation of roof tiles. Thanks to that we managed to highly reduce amount man-hours in overall construction process. Feasibility studies made by our engineers indicated 60% man-hour savings leading to 30% final cost saving compare to traditionally build (bricked) house (in reference to polish market in 2018). It gives us many possibilities to create business development strategies; additionally short turnaround time of the single order simplifies cash flow management. We trust that our customers and business partners will appreciate fast construction time and quality guaranteed by single contractor instead of hassles that come along while dealing with multiple contractors at single construction site at the same time.

The most important element of our technology is how we approach to divide the building. Instead of flat prefab walls commonly used by the competitors on the market, we created 3D sections called „C” and „E” and its shape may vary depending on the project. Changing style of the building from the traditional up to futuristic is simple and seamless. Each section contains reinforced concrete part that creates floor, wall and roof. Outer part of it is covered by styro-concrete thermal insulation along with the facade. All together comes out from the mold as a standard component. Standardization of prefabricates can massively reduce amount of man-hours spent at the construction site. In addition to C and E sections we use prefab segments such as floor and roof plates and stairs. It is worth to mention that second important part of our invention is use of the adaptors. These elements represent 25% of all components only, but in fact their shape is responsible for individual design of the building and can be easily changed to suit customer’s needs. Adaptors also create gable walls and play support role for entire building. Building as per our invention is prepared for all installation and finish works. Complete assembly and finish process at the construction site (including all installations, wall plastering, installation of window and door woodwork, floors) should not exceed 3 weeks / 750 man-hours, which give us about 3 weeks of work for 6 men construction brigade

Advantages for the investor
• unbeatable product price (house/m2)
• relatively low risk
• relatively short comertialisation time
• short turn over time for the single project
• big market
• no growth limitation
• small competition in prefab houses market

Advantages for end user
• lower price compare to bricked house
• single contractor for complete construction process, who guarantee the quality
• high energy efficiency
• short construction time
• saving on rent during construction time

Prefabricated concrete houses of our design are great alternative for everyone who’s planning to build his own house as well as construction companies developing residential estates. Local authorities may also consider our technology to fulfill cheap/social housing needs.

Our system allows to create over 40 different configurations of the building by using only 4 basic „C” and „E” sections and 12 adaptors.